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Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Items

4 Pancakes or French Toast$4.79


With raisins $4.25

Belgium Waffle

With butter $4.79
With one topping and whipped cream $6.49

2 Eggs and Toast$3.99


Breakfast sandwich with choice of meat.

Western Sandwich on Bread$4.29


Western Omelet$4.89

Ham & Cheese Omelet$4.59

Cheese Omelete$4.19

Swiss & Mushroom Omelet$4.89

Tomato & Feta Omelet$4.89

Breakfast Combo


6oz. charbroiled steak with eggs, home fries and toast.


2 eggs with home fries, toast and choice of meat.


Ham & Cheese Omelet with home fries and toast.


Pancakes or French Toast with home fries and choice of meat.


2 eggs with 1/2 dollar cakes, home fries and meat.


Sausage gravy over biscuit.
With home fries $6.69


Corned Beef Hash - 2 eggs and toast

Additional Menu Items

English Muffin$1.29

Cinnamon Bread with Glaze$2.59

Plain or Cinnamon Raisin Bagel$1.49

With cream cheese $1.79

Cold Cereal$1.99

Ham, Sausage or Bacon$2.59

Home Fries$2.59


Breakfast Beverages


Hot Tea & Herbal Tea$2.29

Hot Chocolate$2.29


White or Chocolate Milk$2.59


Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Tomato, and Pineapple.
Small $1.59 | Medium $1.99

Our Menu


Breaded Mushrooms$3.99

Served with cocktail sauce.

Cheese Sticks$3.89

Served with marinara sauce.

Sweet Potato Fries$2.79

With side of dressing.


Buffalo Fingers$4.99

Breaded with choice of sauce.

Garlic Bread$2.29

Topped with melted mozzarella.

French Fries$2.49

Onion Rings$2.99

Tomato Spinach Flatbread$6.99

Soups, Salads & Sides

Homemade Soups$2.79

Chef's Salad$8.29

Ham, turkey, American cheese, egg, lettuce greens, peppers, cucumbers, black olives and tomatoes. Served with dressing.

Greek Salad$6.79

Lettuce greens, tomatoes, black olives, feta, oil and vinegar.

Chicken Salad$7.99

Choice of lemon pepper or Cajun, with lettuce greens, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and black olives.
Substitute with Shrimp $8.99

Albacore Tuna Salad$8.79

Tuna placed on lettuce greens, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and black olives.

Side Spaghetti$2.99

Garden Salad$2.79

Side Salads$2.49

Macaroni, Potato, Coleslaw, Cottage Cheese & Applesauce

Daily Vegetable$2.29

Baked Potato$2.29

Mshed Potato$2.59

with gravy


Hot Roast Beef$8.89

With mashed potatoes.

Marinated Chicken$6.29

On French Bread, dressed.

6 oz. Steak Sandwich$7.99

On garlic buttered French Bread.

Red Pepper Portabello Mushroom$5.99

Marinated mushroom with roasted red pepper on kaiser roll.

Fish Sandwich$6.29

Hand breaded haddock with tartar.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$5.79

Dressed with blue cheese.

Hot Ham & Cheese$6.29

On French bread with mayo.


Ham or Turkey Club$7.99

Chicken Sandwich$5.29

Fried or grilled, dressed.

Pork Loin Sandwich$5.29

Fried onion, barb-q sauce and Swiss cheese.

Red Pepper Portabello Mushroom$5.99

Marinated Mushroom with a roaster red pepper on a Kaiser roll, dressed.

Tuna Melt$4.59

Grilled Cheeseburger$5.49

Grilled Ham & Cheese$4.29



1/4 pounder with cheese, dressed.

Pizz-i-ola Burger$5.49

Mushrooms, peppers, onion, marinara and mozzarella.

Swiss Mushroom$5.49

1/4 pounder with mushrooms and swiss.

Curly Deluxe Burger$7.29

1/4 pounder with ham, mushrooms,mozzarella and bacon. Dressed.

Curly Buster$8.49

1/2 pound burger on French bread. Dressed.
With cheese $8.99

Lentil Burger$5.29

Dressed on a whole wheat roll.


Dinners include 2 sides, soups, salads, potato, vegetables, or spaghetti.

Pork or Sirloin Tips$11.99

With sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Fried Chicken$10.99

Three piece, honey dip.

Hawaiian Ham$11.79

Round of ham, with pineapple.

Ground Chuck Steak$11.59

Grilled onions and mushrooms.

Liver & Onions$10.79

Lemon Pepper Chicken$11.29

6 oz. breast in seasoning.

Pork Loin Dinner$11.99

Charbroiled loin with applesauce.

Chicken Milanese$11.59

Breaded or grilled chicken, in lemon butter with Parmesan cheese.



Broiled or fried.


Grilled, lemon or Cajun.


Pan seared sauteed in butter

Seafood Alfredo$18.99


Grilled, lemon or Cajun.


Grilled, lemon or Cajun.

Shrimp Scampi$12.99

Sauteed in butter and garlic.


10 oz. Sirloin$15.29

10 oz. Delmonico$17.49

16 oz. Porterhouse$19.79

Surf & Turf$19.49

Sirloin with shrimp.



Chicken Parmesan$10.59

Breaded chicken with marinara sauce, served with spaghetti.

Eggplant Parmesan$9.99

Breaded, with mozzarella and spaghetti.

Chicken Sorrento$10.99

Breaded chicken and eggplant with mozzarella.

Oldies but Goodies

Texas Hot$2.79

Hot dog with mustard, onion and meat sauce.

Mexican Hamburger$5.59

Hamburger with meat sauce and onion.
With cheese $5.79


Ham or beef with red relish and meat sauce.

Kids Menu

Plain Hot Dog$3.19

With one side.

Pizza Sub$3.79

Chicken Fingers$4.99

With one side.

Chicken Sandwich$5.29

Fish Sandwich$6.29

Grilled Ham & Cheese$4.29

Kid Spaghetti$2.99

Shrimp in a Basket$6.99

Grilled Cheese$5.29

With one side.